NEW! Online Course Footwork by Avi Grinberg: 

This comprehensive, easy-to-learn, course teaches an original technique that works through the feet to affect the whole person. You will learn to perform a totally natural and pleasurable therapeutic session to stimulate the body’s own healing ability. Aimed at existing healthcare providers, included are guides for sessions structure and your own health too. This course is a gift and will enable you to touch the well being of those you care for.

What is it?

The Footwork course teaches you how to enhance another person’s health and well-being by stimulating the body’s natural healing ability. This is accomplished by learning to detect and then address imbalances in someone’s body, through their feet. The technique developed reflexology into a holistic mind-body approach, using the body’s ability to get well naturally and individually.

This unique methodology also aims to guide and empower “the client” to be actively involved in their own healing. This supercharges efficacy and builds understanding, as “body learning” is a gift for life.

With this professionally prepared tutoring, you will be able to give a complete session to the person you are giving care to, or use just some of these unique techniques to enhance how you currently provide care.

The real surprise is that learning to give health has a bonus reciprocal effect, and you will learn about your own health too.

Who is it for?
This course is designed to give you the ability, to give structured, natural, drug-free care, whether you are a current health-care professional, or just someone who wishes to enhance their healthcare skills.
This learning is ideal for:
  • Professionals already using touch e.g. masseurs, reflexologist, Bowen therapists, nurses
  • Non-Touch professionals e.g. Naturopaths, Chinese Medicine, Psycho therapists
  • Carers of the aged, the stressed, the infirm, children or people before and after surgery.
Why learn on-line?
This professionally prepared course is very easy to learn in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. Forget the conference, the seminar, the workshop of which all cost you time and money. Excellent cinematography brings you into a virtual classroom, with the action up close, where you can stop at any time, review, refer to the interactive workbooks and really absorb the subject matter. With a tablet device, you even have the option to use the actual instructional video while practicing
.In summary, learning Footwork on line:

  • Is very cost effective (no time off work, no travel, no hotels, no other expenses).
  • You have a front row seat in the class.
  • Stop the teacher and review, now or days, weeks, months later.
  • There is support if you need help.
  • Is ready when you are!
The Footwork course (Premium) has a fabulous introductory price of $340 (US) which is 50% off, an offer only valid until January 15th.Alternatively, there is an option to start with lesson 1 $40 (US), and you can upgrade later.
Buy now  :
This link will take you to the official global Footwork site where you can sign up for this fabulous learning experience and  there is more information, testimonials,etc….check it out!
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